Cinemaforgotten Halloween list

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The caller


Insidious is a perfect supernatural horror movie, the complete package. Creepy ghosts, a demon and just the right amount of jump scares. The story is quite simple, it's about a an evil spirit/demon that uses a comatose child to get back to the real world and the parents of the child will do everything to get their child back normally. Although there are some known actors in this movie, the budget used was 1.5 million and it made over 97.....pretty impressive.



The conjuring


The cabin in the woods


This movie is highly underrated and deserves so much better, luckily with a couple of others on this list it is getting better reviews every year. A young woman moves into a simple old apartment after her divorce. She get's these weird phone calls of an old lady every day. Feeling sorry for the lady after a while she accepts her conversations which becomes her big mistake. Nothing over the top and expect a slow build up on suspense, but it keeps you interested what happens next.


Back to another horror comedy and this one makes fun of the whole horror genre. A very cliche group of students visit a cabin in the woods to spend some time having sex and using drugs etc. Only this is not the whole story, there is another force playing in the background. It refers a lot of different horror movies with some hilarious scenes. It's a movie you either hate or love....for me it's quite a funny movie since every horror movie can be ridiculed. 



It follows


The third movie on the list by James Wan and definitely one of his best. This movie is super intense and creepy, a fair amount of jump scares that will really mess with you. Ed and Lorraine Warren some paranormal investigators are asked to check out a old farmhouse that haunts a new family that moved in. I watched a lot of horror and not much movies do the trick anymore, but this one did got me on the edge of my seat somehow......great job!



The witch


A real unique horror movie, but it is one of those you either hate or love. The movie doesn't give you much background on the characters or where the evil comes from, instead you're just thrown into the deep. After the main teenage character has sex with her crush, she is forcefully shown that there is an evil entity following her and when it catches her she will die. The only way to get rid of it is to pass it on by having sex with somebody else. Sounds fun?







Get out


The void


Those who have a short concentration span should really skip this one, it's just not for you. The witch looks more like a historical drama set around the colonial period. A very realistic portray of this era with great eye for detail. A family living on a remote farm in new England during the 17th century are forced to deal with witchcraft and black magic. The movie has an unsettling atmosphere and feels uncomfortable. If this is what you are looking for the go for it.


Oh man I love this movie! Low budget, 80s like, action, gore and some great suspense. These ingredients will make a great horror movie if done in the right way. It's best not to read or watch the trailer before watching this one, just go in totally blank is my advice. The acting is not award winning but absolutely fine and the special effects as well. I guess it's more fun for the ones that appreciate classics like, hellraiser or event horizon but it's not necessary.


I was really shocked when I found out this movie was directed by Jordan Peele that I only knew as a comedian. He did a real great job with his first directed movie, very intense and great eerie atmosphere. The main character Chris visit's his girlfriends parents for the weekend. He get's confronted by some real strange behavior especially from African Americans like himself. Some say it's over hyped....maybe...but in my onion this is the best one for 2017 it's just real good


Another new name Ari Aster to direct horror movies and he did a great job with this one. At first you think you are watching a very heavy family drama movie but slowly the horror elements start to find it's way into the story. Just like 'The Witch' you do need an attention span to watch this one otherwise you won't and never like it. The acting is top notch, especially Toni Collette what a performance. Some movies you need to see twice, just saying....


Ok it was a hard choice for 2019 because the movie 'Midsommar' by Ari Aster was great as well. Only I saw to many of the same elements that where used in 'Hereditary', The movie 'US' is the second of Jordan Peele and the opinions are super divided. If you love to take everything very serious that happens in a movie then you will hate it, if you just like to kick back and enjoy the ride then you will love it. You can really see the director is a great fan of the series 'twilight zone'