Cinemaforgotten Halloween list

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The blair witch project 2


The others


No!......yes, this very underrated movie is on the list. Luckily it does get some more recognition nowadays and people are writing more positive reviews. The criticism was very logical at the time it came out, people expected a legit sequel of the first in the same style. This movie is totally different so it should be watched as a movie on it's own with some connections to the original story. It's not a bad horror movie, maybe it needs a second chance.



28 Days later


The others proves ghost stories and haunted house movies can still creep you out. No jump scares but the simple basics of horror very well done. The acting of Nicole is also worth mentioning, she does an amazing job. She lives with two photosensitive children in a huge mansion and believes it's haunted. The suspense is build up slowly throughout the movie but it doesn't bore you. I find it quite a accomplishment to produce a movie like this in 2001 and do such a great job.



Dead end


A viral zombie movie that has a huge fan base, and I have to say it deserves it. I remember when this one came out, it was different then your ordinary Hollywood or Italian directed zombie movie. Set in the UK it just feels a little more realistic somehow. The story is very simple but the acting, suspense, action and soundtrack are absolutely amazing. If you haven't seen this one then I really hope you give it a try.





I think it's fun to add some great lesser known titles to the list, and this one deserves to be mentioned. Made on a low budget but with a genuine creepy story. The acting is fine and there is some comedy injected in it as well. A family on their way to their parents on Christmas eve decide to take a shortcut for the first time in 20 years...that's were everything goes south. It is one movies that get more appreciated over time and might even create a cult following.



The descent


Another movie that's milked out to the last drop. This first one is the best, very cliche but true all the sequels are a waste of time. James Wan the writer/director really created something great here, a classic horror success production. Most of the movie is shot in one room so imagine the production costs...around a million and it made worldwide 103 million, a real cash cow.



The hills have eyes


Another lower budget movie that became a great success, A group of six young women on a caving expedition in the Appalachian Mountains find their worst nightmare. The girls have to work together to fight off a group of strange predators and find a way out. Very simple story but simplicity is key, as long as its done right. The acting is great, the movie is fast paced no boring moments....just the best horror movie of 2006.


A horror remake that's actually better then the original, I thought it would never happen but there is one. I always thought the original story of Wes Craven was great but somehow didn't came to it's full blossom in the 1977 version, This 2006 really comes in hard and brutal, definitely avoid this one if you don't like extreme violence. I feel that the director Alexandre Aja really wanted to make something out of this original story and he succeeded. 





The house of the devil




Rec proves next to paranormal activity made in the same year, that amateur hand camera movies can still create a huge success. A small time reporter chasing a story by breaking into a dark apartment building, only she finds little different story then she originally thought. Great location and amazing atmosphere really makes this a super creepy movie. Definitely one you can't miss if you like these type of movies. 


Yes the French horror movies have to be mentioned as well and Martyrs is a great one. You got to have a steel stomach for this one and prepare yourself mentally but it's worth it. A young woman that was abused as a child seeks her revenge and goes onto a murder spree. But she get's attacked by her own guild in form of a demon like girl, it's the girl she left behind when fleeing for the abusers when she was a child. It's a masterpiece if you can sit through it.


This movie is great but somehow doesn't get the ratings it deserves. I think it has to do with a huge chunk of audience that loves something supernatural or something with a monster when watching a horror movie and this one doesn't deliver on that. It makes me real happy these religious horror flicks are still made. Great atmosphere and this movie pretends to be a 80s movie and trust me it's very well done. Watch it, cold turkey