Cinemaforgotten Halloween list

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The exorcist 3


The people under the stairs

Very underrated movie when it came out, but it's getting a lot more praise nowadays. You can easily skip the second exorcist movie to see this one, it mostly refers to the first one. The story is focused on Detective Kinderman that is put on a case to investigate some brutal killings in Georgetown. The M.O. leads him to a serial killer the "gemini" that was executed 15 years ago. scenes in this creepy movie are widely copied in modern horror you'll see. 





Another wes Craven movie on the list, and this one is the somewhat lesser known one. The people under the stairs is another horror adventure movie, it's made for adults but best enjoyed when your a kid I think. A young boy nicknamed 'fool' decides to go along with two other adults from his poor neighborhood to rob the house of their rich landlord. They find out they made quite the mistake, this house holds a lot more then only money. 

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The dark half


Hard to imagine this little gem was directed by the same director of the Lord of rings trilogy, because this movie is so much better. The story follows Lionel a mothers boy that lives in a small town in New Zealand. His mother get's accidentally bitten by a Sumatran rat-monkey in the zoo. This is when all the fun starts, she start to decompose into some living dead maniac. While the son tries to cover it up for the outside world, the mother infects everybody, it's hilarious.



In the mouth of madness


You probably heard if before, some people have a dark side....Jekyll and Hide know the story. Written by Stephen King and directed by George A. Romero, what should guaranty a great movie. Only when it came out it didn't do so great and the opinions are still divided. I always liked this movie, it's also one of the better adaptations of a King novel. This one has a great eerie atmosphere and that's key in every thriller or horror story. Just give it a try!



Castle freak


A very original movie directed by John Carpenter. An Insurance claims expert is hired to find out more on the disappearance of a huge best selling horror writer called Sutter Cane. But the more he finds out the more he get's entangled into bizarre phenomena. He seems to slowly losing his mind and starts to lose grip on fiction and reality. The acting is great and there some real creepy scenes in this quite underrated horror movie. 





1995 was shitty year when it came to horror movies. Just this little underrated one jumps out. It goes back to a more Gothic setting but put's in a weird freak instead of a haunting ghost. The main character John inherits a Italian castle, but finds out there is still a relative living in the basement. It packs some really creepy moments and this unexpected style of horror you wouldn't expect in the 90s....give it a try you wont be disapointed.



The blair witch project


The faculty




Yet another classic of Wes Craven, and the 90s really needed it. This one kick started the revival of the slashers again. The movie follows the lives of some students, that are terrorized by a masked murder. He loves to call his victim's before he attacks, playing games and quizzes about older slasher movies. The iconic mask inspired by the painting 'the scream' of Edvard Munch is unforgettable. Give it a try if you've never seen it.


An amazing low budget Canadian horror sci-fi movie, that I still love to watch today. 6 strangers with complete different characters are kidnapped and placed in a endless deadly maze. It becomes a game of survival with a handicap since the group is all so different from each other. A real clever movie that grabs your attention right away. It keeps you anxious to know what the next room will offer, just try this one.


Another sci-fi horror, I tried to avoid it  because it's a Halloween list but I can't pick any better one for 1998. The Faculty really tried hard to create that 'invasion of the body snatchers' atmosphere and I have to admit they did pretty well. Of course the special effects were a bit to ambitious for the 90s but it's such an enjoyment to watch this movie. It's eerie, campy and with dose of comedy but sometimes that's just what you need.


The cheap way to create a super successful horror movie, this one broke records in 1999. The blair witch project is such a simple story but so effective, it sucks you in like you are actually there with the characters. The documentary/handycam style was already done of course in 'Cannibal Holocaust' but this one did it in 90s style and owned it. Many tried to copy it again but for me the Blair witch really did it right. Please avoid the remake like the plague!