Cinemaforgotten Halloween list

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I drink your blood


A bay of blood


A low budget exploitation movie that's still great to watch today. A weird satanic hippie cult ravages a small village and it's innocent people. In response a young boy injects some meat pie's with the blood of a rabid dog. He sells the meat pie's to the cult and well yeah you can guess what happens next. The acting isn't great but it's still a lot of fun! Most horror movies in 1970 were still based on classic figures like vampires, haunted houses etc this one was quite controversial.



The Exorcist


The last house on the left


It's been said by many that this classic of Mario Bava is the founder of modern slasher movies. Great gory murder scenes mixed with some black comedy, still today a unique movie. The start of the 70s was a great time for the Italian 'Giallo' movies, they started to get some international attention. The same year Dario Argento also produced 'The cat o' nine tails' which is a nice movie as well, but this one was really revolutionary.

A classic so called 'rape revenge' movie, inspired by Ingmar Bergman's 'The virgin spring'.

It's an early exploitation movie of Wes Craven and he really succeeded to make a name for himself with this very violent and disturbing movie. Two teenage girls on their way to a rock concert want to score some weed as you do as a teenager. Instead they get kidnapped by some thugs and violently abused. To avoid fainting keep repeating, it's only a movie.....only a movie.....only a movie



The Texas chainsaw massacre


It's impossible to put any other title down for this year. The Exorcist is a legit creepy movie, not many other horror movies can top this one. What Friedkin did was amazing and so early in the 70s unbelievable. This movie is not only a shocker, it's also a real good story. Pay attention to father Damien's life. Big chance you have seen this one, but if you never seen it, then this might be the most important one on the list so please watch it. 



Deep red


A horror classic with the best movie title ever! Big chance you have already seen this one, or any of the real shitty remakes. A group of teenagers driving through rural Texas get acquainted with a cannibalistic psycho family. There is really almost no gore, but its the paranoia and intense pressure build up that really makes it an amazing terror movie. Best enjoyed late on a Saturday night with a cold beer and some snacks.



The brood






The omen


Profondo Rosso or Deep Red is a great Giallo for people that are new to the genre. For me the best work Argento ever produced but I am sure hardcore fans out there will strongly disagree. All the usual elements of a giallo can be found in this one and it also tackles some unexpected taboo subjects. It's beautiful, Italian, surreal and violent.....Give it a try!


If horror movies with religious subjects interest you then you are gonna love this one. An American ambassador finds out his  adopted son is quite out of the ordinary. After a suspicious accident of his wife and some strange deaths close to him he is destined to find out what's going in on surrounding his son. This movie is quite outdated of course but can still give you the creeps. Especially that Nanny of damian........


The most famous work of Dario Argento, this one scores high on every list. Susperia is a great portray of a bad nightmare. An american dancer travels to a prestige ballet academy in Germany, she discovers there's a lot more going on then just ballet. The use of colors, lights and camera tricks really makes you think you are watching a dream. Recently they made a remake of this one but it doesn't come close to the original.


This one don't need much explanation I think.

Michael Myers the masked murder is one of the most famous horror icons. Halloween inspired so many slasher movies after this original. Some bad sequels and remakes are made, but I have to admit the last 2018 remake version was not that bad. This 1978 original version is still such a cool movie and it still packs some good scares if you are new to this classic, just check it out.


Douchebag critic Roger Ebert said once "this movie is disgusting in ways that are not entertaining" Well then you know it has to be a good movie. It's directed by Cronenberg so expect some mutations or biological transformations. Also this story was quite personal to him, in the same year he divorced his wife with a young daughter. Just watch this weird one with an open mind, I am sure you will love it